Bernhard Lenger is an Austrian designer currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

He uses objects, technology and narration to address personal and global interactions from of current affairs. His work encourages individual and collective participation by inviting people to question current affairs. For him Design can be more as only an object of beauty and form, it is a source of inspiration for all kinds of fields and topics. 

Lenger explores through philosophy, psychology and laws the meaning of our social anxieties, and so empowers debates and synergy. By creating a tool for thinking, he proposes design, as one defined communicative material mediator. Where currently mediation is failing because of the complexity in specific topics and their used media his designs try to communicate and create interaction.

Bernhard Lenger’s work is always a proposal, a whisper. His approach starts from an observation of his current context which leads him to a reaction and so to a creative and sharing production. He often collaborates with specialists like layers, psychologists and philosophers, with the aim of doing a participative design. Bernhard Lenger sees design as a provocative tool of arising questions, a tool to discover new solutions and with this tool he proposes an honest motion for the better.

Studio Bernhard Lenger is working on commission based projects but also self initiated ones.


Bernhard Lenger

1991, Austria, Villach
Currently based in Eindhoven


2006 – 2011
Higher College of Mechanical Engineering
Specialising in Industrial Design /*passed with honours

2012 – 2016
Design Academy Eindhoven – Man& Leisure

2016 René Smeets Award – the most professional attitude
2017 STRP Award for Creative Technology (ACT) – young talent