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Studio Bernhard Lenger

Studio Bernhard Lenger is a social and communication design agency.
We design impact for stories which need to be heard!

Studio Bernhard Lenger works as a creative agency based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We believe design can bring innovation beyond beauty and work. It has the capability to question flaws and create new possibilities for the development of our world. Together with our clients to tell the story in the most fitting way. We want to support those who are interested in bringing positive change to the world. With our designs, we stimulate new ideas and create the impact they deserve. Cross-pollination between professions is inspiring us that’s why we believe that design can be beneficial in all topics. In collaboration with experts from different fields, we simplify the complex and visualize the unseen.

We are a full-service studio creating narratives, design & production across all media. We specialize in narrativeĀ design, branding, campaigns, social strategy & content creation, websites, apps, books, environments, and more. Our projects are both, self-initiated or commissioned by third parties.

Let's tell your story!