Culture of Fear

Culture of Fear is an interactive Installation, which reacts on fear itself. It experiments with the possible imaginary threat and how our mind is getting influenced through politicians and media. 

The term Culture of Fear is the concept of introducing fear into the general public to achieve political power and goals through emotional bias.

When looking at the developments in the world we are living in, one can only become afraid. Constant news about terrible things happening like Terrorism, Climate change or the failure of political structures. Left, Right, Social, Conservative politics etc. and all kinds of media are telling us about possible threats, fear-mongering for their own financial or political profit. If you believe it, everything points at our inevitable death. Which makes it now once more the time to talk about fear it self and to understand that the emotion is a part of ourselves which we should embrace and be aware of. Fear should become an accepted part of our life so when we understand it, we can prevent that people use it to cause harm or manipulate us.

Culture of Fear interacts with our body through measuring physiological changes and translating them into interaction and movement. It lets us experiment with our own fear and how an object can become a mediator of emotion. Interaction based on empathy rather then on force.

commissioned by STRP