When looking at the developments in the world we are living in, one can only become afraid. Constant news about terrible things happening like Terrorism, Climate change or the failure of political structures. Left, Right, Social, Conservative politics etc.  and all kinds of media are telling us about possible threats, fear-mongering for their own financial or political profit. Politicians who are rallying against minorities predicting that those who seek help will become the destroyers of our values. If you believe it, everything points at our inevitable death. Which makes it now once more the time to talk about fear it self and to understand that the emotion is a part of ourselves which we should embrace and be aware of. Fear should become an accepted part of our life so when we understand it, we can prevent that people use it to cause harm or manipulate us.

How can we understand an emotion most of society sees as something equal to weakness? What if we can visualize our fear and start to understand it? This Book gives an introduction into fear and explains what Anxiety actually is. Reaching through History and all kinds of domains it tries to let people understand how important it is to fear but not to be manipulated by it.