“Fearless” is an interactive kinetic object, which visualises our current state of anxiety accompanied by a book to understand anxiety better. It is questioning the state of anxiety in our society and how we can live with fear?

Media gives us the possibility to get information about all that happens in the world but we are getting bombarded with the horrors of conflict which can become too much to deal with for some. An example of this is the Terrorism in Paris, Brussels or Istanbul brings war onto our doorstep and lets us sacrifice our privacy in order to exchange it for security as a matter to still our fear. And the possibility of introducing fear in order to gain power by politicians is being used in similar way to in the period before the Second World War. Through words emphasizing the possibility of danger and getting political power is called the concept of Culture of Fear. The idea we will loose our quality in life because some change is upon us. To see how our society is starting to live and celebrate a Culture of Fear makes it important to approach the topic of anxiety now more than ever.

How can we deal with this fear as one aspect of our lives? Inspired by Marie Curie´s quote “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” [2] Fearless is trying to make people understand Anxiety. Through visualising it through a Biofeedback system, which measures physiological changes with electronic sensors, it is possible to make those changes visible, which happen during an anxiety attack. With this system it is possible to train yourself to lessen your anxiety by will. For example to reduce your heartbeat and get back into a relaxed state. Inspired by a Sea anemone, which opens when it is feeding and closes up when it is fighting, “Fearless” opens up when a person is relaxed. The Book gives more knowledge about anxiety and the changes happening in the body. As Marie Curie mentioned, it is important to understand why we are afraid, to maybe fear less in the future. Through understanding those changes of our body and the topic of anxiety we might be able to overcome it and start to be able to live with fear.