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This is Ecocide

The 5th crime against humanity!

“This is Ecocide” is a public awareness campaign about Ecocide, the proposed 5th international crime against peace that makes extensive damage to the environment illegal. The campaign is a physical and a digital stage to inform and create one united voice against Ecocide.

It creates a physical and a digital stage for Ecocide law for the public to get informed, involved and demand a change in international law. The physical stage becomes a place for specialists to inform and emphasize the importance of an Ecocide law. These talks are represented as movies on, which should become a place to unite those speakers and create awareness about the topic. The website also generates evidence of existing Ecocide due to the possibility of sending in pictures and other evidence about Ecocides happening. This can become a tool to provide evidence by the inhabitants, who are directly affected by Ecocide. Through this, an archive of evidence starts to exist which could be used in future trials.
Winner René Smeets Award