Studio Bernhard Lenger develops design tools for organisations, networks, communities and individuals who are striving to change their way of working to create a better future for our world. By designing together with experts, professionals and change makers, we will make social challenges more understandable and accessible.



Design Research

Understanding an issue at hand and looking at all different angles of it is essential for the design approach. With thorough research we can find loopholes, opportunities or find out a new approach to solve the issues at hand.
Together with Irwin a Human rights defender from Burundi we researched how to empower the LGBTQI community in Burundi and currently I am researching how we can open the dialogue and break the taboo on suicide.

Design Consultancy

As designer I am trained to understand systems and how to change, create or communicate new ideas. An outsider view can help to take a step back and take a new perspective on how to go forward.

Previously I was advising Lansbrekers (a collective of organisations and professionals on education) on how to build and grow their community.


Trainings & Workshops

A huge benefit of the design process is that there are many tools and processes to generate ideas. This creative approach can be trained and applied within workshops to allow a team to generate a new approach.
For Lansbrekers I developed a workshop on how to reconstruct the dutch educational system. Throughout the years I have created and tested a process and tested a set of tools which can help organisations to understand how to address their challenges with a new approach while working together.

Communication Design

With design I can make complexity understandable for a broad public. Issues such as Law, Climate Change or the Corona virus are difficult to understand for layman. Therefore I use design to empower others to understand the importance of it.
In 2016 I designed the This is Ecocide campaign spreading information on Ecocide Law written by Polly Higgins. For an action group of politicians, political scientists and activists I design a communication portal for the Green New Deal for Europe.

Social Design

I strongly believe that good design is only created in collaboration with all parties involved in the creation of the design. By building new collaborations that tackle wicked problems I facilitate and design an approach to react towards our challenges nowadays.
Together with Dr. Bart Wernaart and Kornelia Dimitrova I designed the Moral Lab to allow the public to participate and research ethical programming. To investigate how to tackle Human Rights issues I initiated a collaboration between designers and Human Rights Defenders.


Cities will change through out the upcoming years to make space for more inhabitants, repurpose spaces or through evaluation how the city works. By conducting small scale experiments and tests it is possible to create potential in space which have been abandoned before or are being reconstructed.
For the City of Eindhoven I am currently designing and executing a placemaking pilot project, in which I look how to allow construction sites to stay available for the public as accessible space.

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