Do you want to create reports that disappear in drawers?

Then you are at the wrong adress! We help you and your organisation to translate policy and ideas into direct actions. We combine thorough research with design thinking to deliver an action plan that allows organisations to take steps to tackle nowadays problems. 


& Research


We advise organisations to take the right steps to create positive impact on the world. To gather the right information we fascilitate research, visualize policies and test concepts together with experts and communities. Creating not a report but an visual plan on how to tackle societal challenges and to allow organisations to action.

Our consultancy services

Problem discovery

Problem Analysis

We analyze a problem to its core to understand where it started and what the references are. In this way we can find to root of the problem and create a common understanding.

Design Thinking

By understanding and visualising what drives people we help organisations to better connect to their target audiences and users. 

Motive discovery

User Research

To understand how people deal with an existing product, service or system we are recording where possible improvements can take place. 

Context Mapping

Through taking the experiences of peoples everyday life as an inspiration we are highlighting how products, services and organisations can better connect to their lifes.

Strategic discovery

Visual Policy Mapping

We make policies visual and create mappings that allow organisations to see the possibilities and test their policy through design actions.

Strategic research

We analyse, visualize and gather information to help organisations to understand societal challenges and how they influence our world.

We design actions together with the people who are involved within a challenge. We help with design thinking processes and co-creation sessions to develop the right interventions and experiments for our clients challenges.

Our design services

Social Design

Placemaking & Community-building

Creating spaces is about people and to allow them to create memories. We help municipalities and property developers to work together with their inhabitants to make better living environments.
We believe that only through participation an area can develop its identity.

Social Innovation Experiments

Nowadays societal challenges often are difficult to tackle. To stimulate innovation and test new approaches and ideas we design experiments. This way we can help to assess the impact and implementation of new policies, products and services.

Communication & Campaigns

A picture it worth thousend words but actions create pictures. We believe in action based campaigns to communicate nowadays challenges. Therefore we design campaigns that allow the public to take action and become part of a new movement.